Hobbitclient - monitoring (or installhowto ;-) )

  • Hi there,

    i am a great fan of pfsense and thats my first touch into the bsd world.

    I set up monitoring of my windowsboxes with Hobbit http://sourceforge.net/projects/hobbitmon on the clients i installed bbwin.

    I#d like to be able to monitor pfsense too, but i don't know how to do this as i am a newbie on bsd/linux.

    The most comfortable thing would be if someone could create a package for the hobbitclient for pfsense.

    But even then i would be interrested why i wasnt able to install the client on the pfsense:

    I un-tar-ed the files in /etc/hobbitclient on the pfsense and ran ./configure.client

    It seems there is no make command…

    Do i have to install gmake first? When yes please give me a howto for dummies ;-)


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