Unable to install/remove package - stuck on Beginning Package Installation

  • Am running new pfsense 2.1-RELEASE i386.  When I go to install the available autoconfigbackup package it hangs on beginning package installation step.  I believe this may have been the result of a previous failed attempt to install this package.  Is there any way to 1.) manually remove any partial install of this package and 2.) manually download and install the package from the shell?

    If I attempt to restore a previous configuration, the browser returns:

    Warning: Unterminated comment starting line 115 in /usr/local/pkg/autoconfigbackup.inc on line 115 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /usr/local/pkg/autoconfigbackup.inc on line 119

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: this happens for any existing package.  It will not allow me to remove any previously installed package OR install any other available package.

  • This problem also happen for previous version (2.0.3).
    Because when I click on Available Package using my pfsense 2.0.3 the logsystem was trigged

    php: /pkg_mgr.php: XMLRPC communication error: Operation timed out

    And message can not access www.pfsense.com was dislayed.
    I also check my DNS setting, its working well when I'm resolve using diagnostics tools.

    May be something problem with pfsense packages server.

    I guest..

    Thank you.

  • /usr/local/pkg/autoconfigbackup.inc

    It sounds like your system has some autoconfigbackup setting enabled (or maybe just having the package mentioned in the config is enough) and thus various operations on the system try to invoke that automagically. But the "inc" file is only half there.
    I would get the file from GitHub - https://raw.github.com/pfsense/pfsense-packages/master/config/autoconfigbackup/autoconfigbackup.inc - copy the raw code from the GitHub raw display. Use Diagnostics->Edit File to open /usr/local/pkg/autoconfigbackup.inc , select all, paste the good code over the top, save.
    Now the code should be callable. Then you can access System->Packages and (hopefully) remove or reinstall or whatever you want.

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