Updated to version 2.1 and now Traffic Graph does not display IP

  • Hi there

    I just updated my 2.0.3 version of pfSense to the new 2.1 version, but now I found a little bug, i think, the traffic graph does not show any IP info…

    I'm using just IPv4, and in the "old" version, it worked as it should.

    Is there anything that we need to adjust for getting the IP info back on the page? Is this a "bug" as I called it?


    Nuno Rodrigues

  • The IP info definitely works. Try clearing your cache, or a different browser entirely. If your browser has something cached from the previous release that it isn't requesting again, it can break things in weird ways by combining old and new code client-side.

  • Thanks… that really solved the issue...  ;D 8)

    PS - Forgot to say... KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK, pfSense ROCKS!!!  ;D

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