Dual WAN/Dual Device, Active/Active?

  • I am trying to setup a redundant as possible network within my colocation environment that will be used for openstack/kvm hosting. I have dual Watchguard x550e's running Pfsense 2.1 and dual 48 port layer 2 switches that are linked with a 10GbE cable. I am going to be getting to network drops from my datacenter and am wondering how I can setup an active/active setup where upon both uplinks are being utilized. Not really sure what it the best way to fully utilize my networking equipment. Any suggestions? Pfsense doesn't officially support an active/active does it?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not possible to utilize both CARP nodes at the same time for outbound traffic from the same internal systems.

    If your drops were done using LACP to a switch on WAN doing LACP, rather than direct to your individual nodes, it may work, but without two stackable switches there you'd lose some redundancy.

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