IE7 patch 10/9/07 KB939653 breaks web browsing

  • Heads up.

    We found that KB939653 released yesterday causes Vista machines (confirmed) and XP machines (unconfirmed) with security software to break the install disabling the ability for the computer to browse webpages.

    Still working on which exact ones looking like adaware 2007(in service mode) or spysweeper at this point and time.

    Fix is to uninstall the patch.

    Disabled spysweeper, no effect
    Disabled adaware2007, no effect

  • microsoft has a section regarding known issues concerning KB939653.  it basically says to uninstall and reinstall your security software. i uninstalled McAfree Internet Security and my browser worked perfectly. i then reinstalled and everything was fine as well.  it has to do with changed file signatures after doing the update.

    if uninstalling the update improved performance i probably wouldn't have gone any further, but my browser performance did not improve even after uninstalling.

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