Upgrade from 2.0.3 both Full install and NanoBSD - different results?

  • I've got a Full installed, and a NanoBSD box running.

    Both of them were at version 2.0.3 before upgrading (initially, they were 2.0.1). I've upgraded them by invoking auto-upgrade function from the web interface. All seemed to be fine - the boxes rebooted and loaded the new 2.1 version okay.

    By looking now at the web interfaces of the two v2.1 installs, I see some differences:

    • selected menu items in the NanoBSD box are tabbed a few characters, this does not appear in the Full version
    • there's an NTP service with GPS settings in NanoBSD, while there's still the old OpenNTPD in the Full version
    • there are shortcut icons in different services pages in NanoBSD, in the Full version they are missing
    • there's a Status > DHCPv6 Leases item the NanoBSD menu, while in the Full version there's not
    • … and a couple more, similar stuff

    Do I see that the Full version did not actually get the entire upgrade somehow?
    Maybe this was the case back when I updated from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 but didn't notice the difference until now? (see NTP vs OpenNTPD, which was changed back then)

    I don't really understand what's happening here...

  • Sounds like the new/changed menu items have not been put in place on the full install box.
    In /cf/conf/config.xml what config version is at the top?
    Should be like:


    That will indicate what config file format updates it thinks it has applied.

  • It's <version>9.8</version>

  • There's definitely something wrong with the upgrade process, that's for sure.

    Thank God the full system is running on VMware. I've quickly done a new fresh install, and restored the config file I saved before the backup. After a reboot, things are fine!

    I took two backup sets, one without the package info and rrd data, and one which includes all. I restored the one without package info. I only had OpenVPN Client Export Utility and OpenVMTools packages installed, which I re-installed by hand afterwards.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Make sure it's not just your browser cache mixing old and new items.


  • I think restarting the bowser, emptying cache and pressing Ctrl+F5 were all the options I had, and exhausted them all…

    And guess what, after swapping the virtual machines in VMware (the old broken one with the freshly installed one), pressing a simple F5 in the browser, without any forced refresh or cache emptying, brought me to the correct interface. Thus I'm 100% sure it's not the browser's cache mixing it up.

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