Update freebsd 8.3 via command line?

  • I noticed the upgrade to 2.1 fixed a few security vulns in freebsd 8.3.  security.freebsd.org states they will issue updates for 8.3 until april 2014.  Is is advisable to patch the freebsd OS via the command line, instead of waiting for a new pfsense version to be release to fix security vulns?  just curious, if we decide to deploy some of these into production environments.  I guess my question is: is there a suggested way to patch security vulns for freebsd in between pfsense releases?

  • Netgate Administrator

    No. Don't do it. You will break pfSense.  ;)
    Any security vulnerabilities discovered in FreeBSD that apply to pfSense will be patched by the dev team. Their record of releasing critical patches in short order is very good. Most vulnerabilities found in FreeBSD do not apply to pfSense which is a cut down version with far fewer services running.


  • Thanks for the help

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