How to see status of UPnP opened ports?

  • i downloaded pfSense 1.2 RC2 LiveCD, and enabled UPnP.  It's working, becuase clients are able to receive connections from the outside.

    But i don't see any of the UPnP firewall rules listed in the Firewall->Rules section, nor in the Firewall->NAT section. There also is not a UPnP Status tab on the UPnP page.

    It is of course very useful (i.e. necessary) to see what externals ports have been opened, and what client machine they are going to.

    So where are they?

  • Status/UPnP


  • @onhel:



    Alright. Alright. There's no way that link was there last night, when i was up too late, and tired, and… Oh i give up.

    Thank you.

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