Restore config file to another box

  • Hi all,

    I've read many post about this question : Is it possible to restore a config file from one host to another ?
    I have many machine (same hardware, different mac address) based on virtualization system (KVM) with same pfsense configuration.

    I need to know if is it possible to clone one pfsense vm and replace only the config.xml file for each (to set ip/mask/gw/hostname for example).


  • if you don't know what you're doing, just *.rar the whole VM (where pfsense is) as a backup.

    it should work.

  • I would think that is no problem.
    we are doing this with 2 boxes for updates or testing:

    • box 1 is production

    • box 2 is spare

    • copy the configuration from box1 to box 2 via Diagnostic->Backup/Restore

    • apply patches, new version of pfsense etc. to box 2

    • test box 2

    • swap the boxes so box 2 become the production one

    All that works fine even its physically 2 boxes with different MAC addresses

  • I know this method based on the gui.
    I want to do the same from the shell :
        1. Restore config.xml.
        2. Install automatically packages requiered.


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