Lanner 7530B Fresh Install No joy

  • Details:

    Lanner 7530B
    8 gig CF card
    2 gigs ram (1 stick)
    stock box, pretty much

    Procedure - Using a USB media/card reader, I did the .99 bios update, but it never seemed to finish.  When I got into the serial connection, it looked very similar to an old Dos system, complete with c:> prompts and such.  I could then "dir" list the contents of the CF card, and see the in that list.  I typed "", and the prompt would freeze.  I left it alone for an hour, and it was still frozen.  So I unplugged it, (praying not to brick it), pulled the CF card, DD'ed over the nano img "pfSense-2.1-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd.img"  to the card, and reinserted the card into the Lanner.

    Upon reboot, the bios comes up over serial (not bricked!!), and then goes blank on serial connect.  But, as I understand it, I should then be able to connect to one of the lan ports, and it should DHCP me, I go to, and boom, web gui!

    No DHCP.  I manually set IP and gateway and such, as, and try to get into the web gui.  No joy.  I try to ping, destination host unreachable, or timeouts.


    Any thoughts?


  • I should add, I'll be out the rest of the day, but any help is hugely appreciated.  I'm new to PfSense, and eagerly looking forward to getting semi smart on it.  :)

  • Hmm, could it be that you are trying to install an ALIX BIOS on your Lanner? Where did you get that BIOS?
    Anyway, I never had to update the BIOS on my Lanner to get pfSense installed.
    I just used a USB card reader and wrote the pfSense i386 Nano 4GB image on my (4GB) CF using Windows. After that I just put the card in and it booted right away. You might need to switch the BAUD rate to 9600 8N1 to see pfSense boot if it does not match the rate of your Lanner BIOS settings.

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