HA Sync vs CARP

  • Hey guys,

    I haven't had a chance to really get down into the new "HA Sync" feat. on PfSense 2.1, but I've set up CARP on 2.0.2 several times last year. So far there isn't any documentation for HA Sync specifically, but I'm looking through the config now and it looks like it's just beef'd up CARP. Is this pretty much accurate, or are there major differences between old CARP and HA Sync? I can see already that the HA Sync link under system takes you to the same page as the "+" in CARP so it looks like it's just got itself a new name maybe?

  • It's exactly the same as it was before, just with a more appropriate name and location. The config options and settings are all the same, the only difference is where the page is located and its name.

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