Question After upgrading to pfsense 2.1

  • Why Most packages
    Have become beta

    In Dashboard
    There the traffic graphs
    I click to expand it
    And saves
    But if I refresh the page it again closed

    How can you keep it
    so It will remain extended

  • Package status words "Alpha" "Beta" etc are another issue, not directly related to 2.1. There have been a few discussions on the forum about this - how to have a consistent way to indicate the package "reliability" state. But a commonly agreed scheme has never been sorted out (or implemented). So, at present, the "Beta"… status words do not provide a reliable indication of if the package will install and run smoothly - what to do?

    Traffic Graphs

    1. add to dashboard and save the main dashboard settings (top left).
    2. expand the graphs you want, click on the little toolbar icon within the Traffic Graphs widget and save. This will save the Traffic Graph detailed settings - both the refresh rate and which graphs are expanded.

    I just tried it, and it worked for me.

  • I know the options of Traffic Graphs
    And I tried it and it did not keep

    The strange thing is
    Just did the same actions
    And it worked

    About packages
    The best way to know is to check the forums I guess


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