Upgraded 2.02 to pfsense 2.1, kill state option

  • Hello Everybody,

    I just updated to 2.1 without any issue on alix board.. I have just a little question..

    in the pfsense 2.1 release blog i read this

    Due to the change in its behavior, "State Killing on Gateway Failure" is now disabled by default in new configurations and is disabled during upgrade. If you want the feature, you'll have to manually re-enable it post-upgrade.

    I updated from 2.02 to 2.1 and the option "State Killing on Gateway Failure" is allready on.  Is this normal behaviour, or typo in the blog?

    thanks for this wonderfull software, i will support the project by becoming gold member


  • The behaviour of this checkbox is not obvious to me at first look. The description reads:

    The monitoring process will flush states for a gateway that goes down if this box is not checked. Check this box to disable this behavior.

    So, you have to check the box to disable the state flushing.
    IMHO, the left column, that says "State Killing on Gateway Failure" would be clearer if it said "Disable State Killing on Gateway Failure".
    The box is checked for me, and the state killing does not happen, as per the description on the GUI.

  • May I make a suggestion for clarity because it seems many people (myself included) are a bit confused by the way this option is presented. I think the checkbox should be CHECKED to ENABLE the feature. Unless I mis-understand it, most people with a simple failover (Tier1–>Tier2) setup would want this state-killing upon gw failure to be active, right?

    So here's how the GUI shows this option now,

    I think it would be clearer if it was instead like this:

  • Sorry to drag up an old topic, but I'm still confused.

    Is the state-killing function ACTIVE when the box is UNCHECKED?  or when it's CHECKED?  I'm on 2.2.6 now….... the wording is still very unclear imo.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That all got reworked for 2.3, so hopefully less confusing now.

    On 2.2.x, when the box is checked, states will not be killed.

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