Exclusion URL blocking

  • Dear all,

    How to make an exclusion on webfiltering? I already set-up a squid and squidguard. And successfully blocked the websites we want to block.

    What I have done in squidguard I downloaded a category and assigned an action(allow, deny or whitelist). After I set this up, it can block the URL base on the category. Under the target category tab I add a data for additional domain what i want to to block.

    How can I block a website or allow a website for a certain user?

  • create group in Squidguard.

    Proxy filter –>Groups ACL then click add.

    There you can manipulate users about their access.
    Just put the IP of certain users at Client (source) field.

    what i have in my pfsense is a group for admin and group for users.

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