PfSense 2.1-RELEASE amd64 crashing

  • Not really sure what is causing it and it also happened occasionally back when I was on various 2.1 snapshots (can't remember the exact snapshots of course). Didn't really mind as this is my home network and it wasn't crashing that often but now i've had two crashes in two days so that's a bit much. It's a pretty vanilla install, only things out of the norm that I can think of is that I had NRPE v2 package installed and two LAN interfaces (dc0 and re0) with one WAN (em0).

    Here's a link to the two most recent crashes:

    Not sure what was going on during the first but all that was going on during the second was that I was looking at some youtube videos. I also always have the dashboard loaded in one of my Chrome tabs. I've now uninstalled the NRPE package to see if that helps.

    The first report seems to be upset about netstat but the second one seems upset about sh but i'm not familiar enough with the crash reports to go further than that.

    Thanks for any help and troubleshooting tips you can offer.


  • With the NRPE v2 package removed, the firewall has been stable for 4 days and 16 hours…. so it looks like it's something to do with NRPE... anyone else have an issue with NRPE?



  • Turns out it wasn't NRPE but something screwy along the way updating from 2.0.3 to 2.1. backed up the config, reinstalled from scratch and restored config and it's been running just fine (with NRPE) since. When in doubt, go with a fresh install.

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