Custom Theming Issue

  • A while back I created some simple custom themes based on a modified default pfsense_ng theme.  The idea was different colors to better reflect environments in which they were serving.  Red = Prod, Green = Test, Blue = Test1, etc etc

    I was never able to fully modify the following though:

    Any ideas?  I know it's around the nifty corners code, but nothing seems to actually change it.  I thought I got it inside of 'bottom-loader.js' based on the call to Rounded() but the code is commented out.

  • change the $nifty_redbox = "#****" color on /usr/local/www/

  • good idea.
    Maverick, can you upload your green theme?

  • Administrator


    change the $nifty_redbox = "#****" color on /usr/local/www/

    This is correct, but keep in mind that that value changes the color on all themes.

  • Administrator

    You can also use the following in the theme's all.css:

    .ra1, .ra2, .ra3, .ra4 { background-color:#e2e2e2 !important; }

    and have it only change the border for that specific theme.

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