Pfsense 2.1 HAVP bug?

  • I was very happy when the update finally worked. The new features are amazing. I may have messed up my installation. The new memory feature might have caused some problems with HAVP antivirus when I enabled them. I'm not sure it's that big of a deal really. It seems to be failng to start. Also when I tried a scan on /tmp or /var/db it would show it as not being able to connect to those directories.

    It could be my system which is AMD or maybe the Havp staff needs to update to work with 2.1. Should I just not worry about the HAVP? Will it fix itself eventually?

  • It seems to have fixed itself. I had to put 2.0.3 back on and then perform the updates to get Havp running. When I upgraded again to 2.1 it started just fine.

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