[PROBLEM] Traffic Graph after upgrade 2.0.3 -> 2.1 RELEASE

  • Hi, I have a problem with traffic graph.

    The graph work correctly but problem is a source/destination ips, his list is emtpy 
    Any idea for solve it?


  • I have the same problem you do, also is your "Diagnostics: System Activity" work?

  • The table of IP address and bandwidth used only shows IP addresses that pfSense thinks are local. Also, the dropdown option Filter: Remote is not effective at this time, because the program that sends the data for this display has actually already filtered out anything it think is a remote IP.

    Perhaps you have some unusual configuration, where the traffic coming through pfSense is actually going to/from addresses behind the local LAN or?
    (I have a test network across another pfSense that sits behind the LAN. Traffic for those test IP subnets is not considered "local" and does not display)

  • I have the same problem but opening the page with another browser ip's are present.
    Try clearing cache and restart your browser.

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