• Firstly  I'm very new with pfsense.

    I used kerio, endian cyboram.  ı I have a pc with 4 Ethernet interface.  One of them will be used for local network. the others will be used for wan's. How I can use 3 wan with load balancing option ?

    If someone cn explain to me, I will be very happy.

    thank you.

  • Netgate Administrator

    This is explained in the docs but it's fairly straight forward:
    Setup a gateway group.
    Add your three WAN gateways to the group.
    Set them all at the same tier level(prioroty) to get load balancing (rather than failover).
    Add a firewall rule to the LAN interface that catches whatever traffic you want and sends it to the gateway group.
    New connections will use each WAN in turn.

    An important issue here is that the WANs must have different gateways if you're using static or dhcp IP.


  • Stephen thank u for your answer.

    I will try that.  can I attach 3 modems in brdige mode to the 3 Ethernet car that I will use for WAN.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes but like I say if you have the same ISP you may end up with the same gateway on each WAN which confuses the gateway monitoring daemon. If you have PPPoE on each WAN you can just change the address being monitored to some other remote IP. If your WANs are dhcp you'll need to take other steps. One possible solution in that case is to leave the modems as routers so that pfSense sees the modem as its gatway. May not be an issue for you.


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