Wan-dmz bridge issues

  • I have a very odd problem with a firewall (Dell R320, Intel Pro 1000VT, pfSense 2.0.3/amd64).  The internal Ethernet ports are disable and the Pro is configured for WAN, LAN, DMZ, OTHER.

    Other is connected to a local net so I have a back door.
    WAN is connected to a cable modem.
    LAN goes only to a switch (LAN-WAN does nat).
    DMZ goes to a switch with a server with a public address.

    The cable folks wouldn't give me two subnets so the DMZ and WAN ports could route.  They said they would but broke their promise at the install.

    So I have a bridge setup between the WAN and DMZ to use public addresses on both interfaces.

    Here is what happens from a remote location (home):

    ping from home to DMZ server box fails
    ssh from home to firewall public WAN port works
    ping from firewall to DMZ server works
    firewall arp -a shows the DMZ server's mac on the igb0 interface (WAN)

    arp on the DMZ server box shows the cable modem MAC and the WAN MAC (not the DMZ mac)

    ping from DMZ server to network destination works.  This seems to trigger something.

    Now ping from home to DMZ pc works.

    I suspect I am missing something in the bridge setup.

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