D-Link DGE-528T B1 and PFSense 2.1

  • Dear all,

    I am installing PFSense 2.1, after finding out that my NIC was not supported in previous versions.

    Guess what? - same happened in 2.1

    I am using 3 NICs DGE-528T and non is detected.

    There are some other posts regarding the same issue in 2.0.1 - I am not siure it is the same thing. Drivers where update in 2.1 - so its suppose to be safe to use this NIC.

    Can someone have some hints…?


  • Not sure about the driver issue, but I can tell you that if you push that hard at all your PCI bus is going to instantly max out.

    Do you have any PCIe slots empty?

  • At the moment, just for testing, I have most PCI empty.
    Out of 6 PCI:
    #2 is the 528
    and #6 is a old 10\100

    the old 10\100 one is working fine.

    In any case, my intention is to put 3 NICs, and the other 3 will stay empty.

  • Ok - It will work just fine on PCI you just can't push 1GB on more than one NIC.

    So, for example, since 1 PCI port get you a little bit more than 1GB throughput but also nearly totally maxes out your total system PCI bus, you would not be able to get anywhere near 1GB throughput from 1 NIC to another NIC (Lets say 2 LANs).

    Other than that, PCI is solid.

    I doubt seriously anyone can do anything about your driver issue though.  Better to just grab some dirt cheap used intel NICs off ebay.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That looks like it should be a Realtek chip, is that right?

    Careful with your bits and Bytes there!  ;)


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