Slow traffic shaping IPv6

  • Hi guys

    If a limiter (16000kbit/s download| 2000kbit/s upload) for a IPv6 rule is configured I can only reach something around 2000 kbit/s download and a very bad upload of bandwith. Without a limiter in the rule I can reach the maximun that is given by the ISP (over 20000kbit/s). I tried also to configure the bandwith in the rule without success.

    Already any solution ?



  • Have someone the same issue ?



  • Hello
    I do have a similar issu
    update: My setup is all IPv4. But still similar to your issue. The issue may not be specific to IPv6 at all….

    First issue
    First of all, there seem to be trouble with the limiters. I set a limiter for 50Mbit down and 100Mbit up.
    Later changed to 55Mbit down and 50Mbit up.

    In limiter info it says:
    limiter 1: 55Mbit (from after I changed the speed)
    limitre 2: 100Mbit (from before I changed the speed)

    Now how is that possible?

    Second issue
    When doing a speedtest I get aprox. 50Mbit throughput in download (thats is fine with a 55Mbit limiter)
    But I get an initial 40-45Mbit upload fast dropping to somewhere between 10 and 17Mbit during the test.

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