Development iso does not load on VIA-C7 with CN700 chipset

  • I have the following hardware:

    Jetway Hybrid J7F2WE1G


    • Manufacturer P/N: J7F2WE1G
    • 1GHz VIA C7 nanoBGA2 Processor Onboard
    • VIA CN700 Chipset with Integrated VIA UniChrome Pro AGP Graphics with MPEG-2 Decoding Acceleration
    • Front Side Bus: 400MHz
    • DDR2 400 SDRAM
    • 1 PCI slot
    • VIA VT1617A Audio
    • IEEE 1394, 8 USB 2.0 ports & 2 COM ports
    • ATA 100/133 & 2 SATA ports Support
    • VIA 10/100 Ethernet, TV Out

    On the board I have 1-gig of DDR-2 400 MHz RAM and 2 IDE drives (one 20-gig IDE and one 40-gig IDE) along with a 24X CD-Rom drive.  There is also a 4-port 10/100 ethernet card installed in the PCI slot of the board.

    Now to the meat of the issue:

    When I attempt to load the Developer's ISO on this hardware it goes through the initial bootup bringing the kernel up and checks initial hardware but when the system gets to the point of mounting the filesystem on the CD to RAM the system hangs with a message of:

    md0.uzip as the last line…

    I downloaded the latest pfSense ISO (dated 17 Aug 07) and it boots up fine!!!

    Seems it may be time to update the developer's ISO to a more current build of the system!


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