PfBlocker trouble with aliases

  • Relevant Information:
    2.1-RELEASE (i386)
    Atom D2500 1.86
    2GB RAM
    pfBlocker 1.0.2

    I'm running this in a home environment and trying to use blocklists from a paid subscription to I-BlockList to block malware, ads, and porn. I add the blocklists under the 'Lists' section of the pfBlocker submenu. After I do this, I cannot find where to add it as a firewall rule anywhere.

    When I go to add a rule in the firewall that references the name of the alias (as set in pfBlocker) it says it can't find it.

    Am I doing something stupid, or is this a bug?

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    The aliases are always prefixed with "pfBlocker"

  • @doktornotor:

    The aliases are always prefixed with "pfBlocker"

    I created a list entry (alias) in pfBlocker with the name 'AdsandTrackers'

    When I insert that in the destination as a 'Single host or alias' it tells me it's not valid. I appended 'pfBlocker' at the beginning in the firewall rule entry, and got the same result.

    Does anyone else run this on 2.1? I can't find any instructions or documentation for the less bright among us. Maybe if I can figure this out I'll write something up.

  • I did find one slight problem. It appears the lists from do not have line breaks.

    This is strange to me because the site was referenced by pfBlocker as a good place to get lists.

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    PREfixed != appended. And iblocklists work just fine, P2P/gz format.

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