IPv6 tunnelbroker + pfSense with one interface = trouble?

  • Earlier today I installed pfSense in VMWare Workstation 9 and it has been set up with one network interface. Then I tried to set up pfSense with my IPv6 tunnel using this howto: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Using_IPv6_on_2.1_with_a_Tunnel_Broker

    I can get as far as "Set Gateway", which I already set when adding the gateway. Then I could see on the index page that the tunnel was online and then I could no longer access the webinterface, browsers give a timeout error.
    Not setting the gateway as default at the time of adding does not make a difference. Once I am finished with "Configure OPT Interface" (which shows as LAN here), it's over. Webinterface no longer reachable.

    When I remove the LAN/gif0 interface, the webinterface becomes accessible after a few seconds.

    Did I miss something or is the howto not suitable for 1-nic-setups?

  • Since the anti-locking rules are applied to the LAN interface.

    You should unblock the webUI to be reachble from your WAN interface after that change.

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