Pfsense management software

  • I really hope this gets attention from the right people…

    As I start to deploy pfsense to the majority of my customers, I am starting to feel the need for some sort of management software. Yes I can connect remotely to the interface via ssh or web interface and administrate the device. however it would be useful to be able to administrate several pfsense boxes from one interface. Is there something like this in the works? Something that could be deployed as a package to all the pfsense firewalls, and a server package to one or two pfsense firewalls so we can manage them all through one interface. To do pretty much all maintenance tasks, make changes, do reboots and upgrades.. etc.. Some routers such as mikrotik for example have a software such as this where you can administrate all the routers and see them all on a network diagram and connect to them easily.. this would be great if we could get a feature such as this..

    comments anyone?

  • There have been regular posts about this. Yes, the (now known as) Electric Sheep Fencing guys are producing this sort of thing, and it will be a paid commercial product. No delivery date promised or estimated.

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