Pfsense + FREENAS part II w/ SBS exchange

  • I noticed the locked subject in this forum and decided I'd add my two cents on this subject as I have successfully implemented this for customers of mine.

    One of the things I do is design cost effective solutions for my clients, so what I've done is implement pfsense + FREENAS + SBS exchange boxes for my customers by using proxmox or ESXi as my hypervisor. In doing this I can get a decent specced computer with a couple SSD's in it for redundancy and more than one NIC and make a all in one firewall network server appliance. So this can be done and still be reliable. If you want further redundancy, you can setup a second ESXi or proxmox server and make sure you use pfsense CARP, FREENAS replication, and exchange clustering across the two hypervisors and even attach a USB drive for exchange server backups if desired.

  • Banned

    Yes. But what have you done differently than the rest of us?

  • Sorry but you haven't done anything that people in the virtualization sub-forum haven't been doing for a while:,37.0.html.

    That thread you reference was about doing pfsense and FreeNAS in the SAME OS, not via a hypervisor. Not to mention, you wouldn't get SBS to run on FreeBSD anyway, pfsense and FreeNAS are both FreeBSD based and so they thought they might be able to combine them into one physical box under the same OS. It's certainly possible but definitely not ideal. A hypervisor provides the isolation you need to do it "right" (though there are some that still prefer separate physical firewalls for further security).

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