WebConfigurator access from the different interfaces

  • I am running 2.1RC2 with WAN, LAN and WLAN interfaces with no bridging. I can log into the webconfigurator via LAN but when I try getting to it via WLAN, it serves up the login page but gives an error, "webConfigurator authentification error for 'admin' from".

    This is what I want to happen - I want webConfurator access limited to LAN only, not wireless or WAN, but I'm nervous because I don't know why it is doing that. I've looked around the menus and not found anything and I can't find anything in a forum search, or doc search, or looking through the book. Is that just the way pfsense works (LAN-only access), or am I missing some setup check box somewhere? I do know there is a check box for SSH which I guess means access through the WAN?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, by default only LAN clients will have access to the webgui. However it's only restricted by the firewall rules, the webgui listens on every interface. You will have added rules on the WLAN interface to allow any access you have to exclude the webgui if you don't want wifi clients accessing it.
    That is a curious error though. It looks like access is allowed but the password/uname is wrong. :-\


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