2.0.3->2.1: No logs, mailscanner problems

  • Hi!

    I have 2 pfSense boxes (Intel Xeon boxes). I was upgraded one of them last friday night, and now I have some problems:

    -If I start mailscanner from gui, nothing happens.  Status->Services says mailscanner started, but it stucks stopped state. If run a 'ps ax' command, I see that mailscanner is running. So the process started, but in gui I see it's stopped. It would be great if it could works.

    • No logs. /var/log/system.log and maillog is untouched since upgrade. I really need the maillog, because I have a postfix forwarder in this box, and now I have no logs for the mail traffic. The permissions are OK.

    Any ideas?

    In Status->System logs I saw the next message:
    php: /pkg_edit.php: The command '/usr/pbi/postfix-amd64/sbin/postmap /usr/pbi/postfix-amd64/etc/postfix/transport' returned exit code '127', the output was '/usr/pbi/postfix-amd64/sbin/postmap: not found'

    In System->Packages I don't see the Postfix Forwarder package on the Installed Packages tab.
    So I think I must reinstall the postfix this night. :(

  • Last night I reinstalled Postfix Forwarder. In Services->Postfix Forwarder I needed to save all tabs, then it works like a charm.
    I also reinstalled the Mailscanner package, but the service status still not works.

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