How to manually disconnectand reconnect PPPoE via command? (Periodic disconnect)

  • On the WAN tab I have set periodic reset to my specific time that works fine.

    My ISP under a specfic PLAN doubles internet speed at 18:00 hrs and quadruples internet speed at 23:50 hrs every day.

    I have set periodic reset at 23:50 hrs in the WAN tab and it works fine. i.e. at 23:50 hrs ppoe drops the connection, it immediately redials and on connecting again the speed quadruples.

    BUT I want to have two periodic resets every day, one at 18:00 hrs and the other at 23:50 hrs, HOW can I achieve this?

    I linux routers I instruct cron to run with the command " 00 18 * * * root killall pppd " & " 50 23 * * * root killall pppd " this kills the pppd process and redials hence I achieve my task. NOW how do I achieve it in PFSENSE? Pl Help


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