Memory Usage

  • My memory usage keeps creeping up to 85%.  I'm running pfSense on a NetGate with 256MB of RAM.  Only packages I'm running are Squid and Dansguardian.  My first question is this normal for these packages?  It seems high.  I suspect it has to do with my proxy setting, but I can't seem to effect a change.

    My cache management proxy settings related to RAM are:

    • Memory Cache Size = 1MB

    • Maximum Object Size in RAM = 32KB

    • Memory Replacement Policy = LRU

    • Low Water Mark = 5%

    • High Water MArk = 50%

    Do these values look appropriate?  Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Any help appreciated.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Running Squid and Dans in 256MB is always going to be a tight fit. If it's working OK for you be happy about that.  ;) So yes 85% seems entirely expected, quite low even.


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