Slow answer from web server on DMZ

  • I have a web server running on the DMZ, which makes some files available for download. When I click on the download link (connecting from the outside) the process time is very long (it takes about 1 minute before starting the download). If I also connect from the LAN with the external IP it takes the same time, but if I connect from the LAN with the internal IP address of the web server the request is processed in 1 or 2 seconds. I cannot understand what is being blocked to make this process so slow. The only port that is available to the outside is port 80.

    Any hints? Thank you!

  • DMZ can mean a lot of things. We need your entire interface configurations.

  • I have attached a diagram of my network. The access from the outside is made through WAN1, which is a modem router with port redirection to the pfSense IP address on port 80. In pfSense I have a NAT port forward created to redirect the traffic from the outside to the web server on the DMZ on port 80. This NAT port forward has an associated firewall rule to allow the traffic.

    I can access the server well and the speed is the same. The problem exists when I try to download the file.

    Thank you for your help.

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