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  • Hey Guys,

    I have burnt the 1.2 Beta to CD and I am installing on a Epia Via tc 10000 Motherboard with 512mb of ram and a 6 gb hd. I was wondering about the setup process I am totally lost with it. I tried to do it and couldn't figure out heads nor tails what I was doing. Can anyone give me hand kinda step me through it step by step? I have two nic cards basically for internal and external. A Via Rhine Fast PCI and a RealTek 8139. It sees both of them and labels them as vr0 and rl0 but I haven't a clue where to go from there.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • Frst you want to run option 99 from the consolemenu to install it to hdd. You should use all the default settings and just hit "next". They usually are correct. Once the system is installed and up just hokup a client to the interface that youassigned lan to (or your lanswitch; migt need to use a crossovercable when connection a client directly to it). There is a dhcp server running at lan by default and you client will get an IP. then surf in to (user admin, password pfsense) and configure everything else from the webgui.

  • Thank you sir Got it done now I am trying to figure out how to get to it….Does it run on Port 80?

  • yes, ordinary http on port 80 by default.

  • Thank you sir, I know I need to read the docs so I will do so, However is there any way to change the default port this will be going into a lan where there is already a router working on

    Thanks for your help in advance,
    Michael A Cooper

  • Well - you don't want to run two devices with the same IP/Netmask so what you need to do is bring up the system without connecting the lan side to the network where the router is - then use the "Set LAN IP Address" selection ( selection 2 ) and set the IP address to something that is not assigned on the network - set the netmask to 24 and save the settings - then you can connect the lan interface to the network and access the pfSense server using http://{the IP address you assigned to the lan interface here} (without the {}) and you should get a login page.

    Make sense???


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