How do i give SIP Priority based on IPs on LAN

  • Lets say i have a subnet on my LAN

    And i have 6 IPS on that subnet.

    I want to give them all seperate data bandwidth caps and VOIP priority of lets say 30% to

    How would i go about setting up something like this on pfsense? I am really confused by these traffic shaping rules.

    So for example the ips below would have different data caps (128up,128down, 256up ect… of my choosing). But all have for example 30% SIP priority or of my choosing how can i do that? And they should all have priority 1 top priority (128up,128down, 30% sip priority) (256up,256down, 15% sip priority) (256up,256down, 15% sip priority) (256up,256down, 15% sip priority) (128up,128down, 30% sip priority) (128up,128down, 30% sip priority)

  • Im afraid to use the traffic shaper because i dont want it to be global i want these to be on an IP level on my LAN.

  • Without shaping the entire traffic from everyone, you cannot shape a subset of the LAN. Shaping works by dropping / queueing packets. This can't work unless all traffic is classified. Once you have basic rules in place, you can create further rules for specific IP addresses.

    Either way you need to completely understand HFSC and how the queues work or you'll fail to get it working.

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