Unbound 1.4.20_8: fix for IPv6 host overrides

  • IPv6 host overrides (in the DNS forwarding screen) do not work in the unbound 1.4.20_8 package due to a typo in line 852 of /usr/local/pkg/unbound.inc, which should read:

                                   if (!$added_item_v6[$current_host]) {

    The incorrect version is curent_host

    You then need to trigger an unbound configuration rebuild, for example by unselecting "Enable unbound", pressing Save, reselecting "Enable unbound" and pressing Save again.

    If nobody with the appropriate access acknowledges they've committed this trivial fix, I'll open a ticket on redmine in a few days.

  • I've added this information to bug #3056 on redmine.

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