Pfsense 2.1 upgrade - thanks! … and some notes.

  • I updated two 64bit 2.0.3 installs to 2.1 last week with now complete success.  I did have to spend several days messing around to get IPSEC working and a few network bugs resolved.  For some reason, (network drivers??) my guest wireless interface stopped giving out DHCP addresses, and had DNS issues to boot.  The issue was finally resolved when I connected a smart switch to the guest wifi interface and logged errors.  Turns out the Realtek NIC on 2.1 (guest wifi interface only) needed to be hard coded to 100Mb/s full duplex in order to connect successfully to a few new EAP 600 access points.  That was a head scratcher as under 2.0.3 it was fine at auto-sense and 1000Mb/s.

    Not sure if this is a bug or feature, however IPSEC refused to work correctly on mulit-wan setup unless the IPSEC interface was also the default interface:,66676.msg364178.html#msg364178  IF there is any way to get around this, would love to know it.

    Happy to say that all is working great, I now have IPSEC working for both SHREW and smartphones (one WAN interface only though), and everything is stable.  Just wanted to say thanks to the pfsense team and all their contributors for their great work :-)


  • I'd be interested in knowing what you did with IPSEC and what problems you noted or changes fixed them?

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