Traffic Shaping with SIPROXD

  • Hi all,

    I've got the shaper all set and worked well on our network.  Shaping of VoIP traffic from normal phones works perfectly as well.  My only issue is my softphone on my laptop.  It ends up going through SIPROXD to register/connect to our provider.

    That traffic ends up routing through the qVoIP on the WAN interface but not on the LAN interface.  I am looking for some info on a rule or rules that need set up to recognize the SIPROXD traffic and place it in to the correct queue on the LAN side.

    Does anyone have experience in setting this up by chance?

    Thank you.

  • I am just starting to try to configure the traffic shaping properly.  This is a question I would be interested to find out more about as well.  Finding it more difficult than I expected to get things into the correct queue.

    I'm mostly concerned with getting voip higher priority than other traffic, and making sure that torrents don't clobber anything else, this is just a home connection.

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