• Fresh install of 2.1 with layer 3 switch attached to em0.

    pfSense LAN =
    Switch =
    VLAN 200 =

    ip route

    I can ping the pfsense box from the switch itself but when I source the ping from VLAN 200 ( I am unable to get a response. I know it's not a routing issue on the switch because I had an Untangle box on and I could ping it sourced from any VLAN. Maybe I need to add static routes on the pfsense box?

  • Check your routing tables. Automatic routing protocols aren't enabled by default on pfSense.

    The switch needs to have an interface and IP address on VLAN 200 and the devices on VLAN 200 need to use that IP address as a gateway. pfSense needs to use the switch's regular LAN address as it's gateway.

  • KurianOfBorg is exactly, you need to put IP of your VLAN, and check you pfsense routing table. thanks