Using Squidguard + Dansguardian?

  • Hello, all!

    I am working at a low-budget mission school (high school level), and my current task is to set up web blocking.

    I have been doing some reading about Squidguard vs. Dansguardian, and they both have some features that I like. For Squidguard, it's the ACL (absolutely required), and for Dansguardian it is phrase matching, and whatever other features they have.

    I've read that they can be used in tandem. How would one go about setting up both to run alongside each other on pfSense 2.1-release, using Squid3 package as the proxy?

    Note: I'm fairly new to pfSense (been using it for only a month), so if it would be too difficult and involved, I think Squidguard could be sufficient.


  • Dansguardian will do ACLs as well. What, specifically, do you wish to achieve with Squidguard that you don't believe you can't with Dansguardian?

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