Floating rules

  • Stupid question. but I'm a bit confused about what happens in a floating rule if you select more than one interface (using the control key)

    Does it mean "this floating will match packets coming in on either/any of these interfaces)"


    "The packet must come in and leave on both these interfaces"

    or conversely don't select an interface and it means "will match on any interface" or "no interface"

    the text next to the selection box is a bit ambiguous, given the selection widget allows multiple selections.

    It would also be nice if there was some text that said on queues if you do not select a queue it will not over-ride any existing setting(s)

  • If you select multiple interfaces you get multiples of the same rule (one for every selected interface).
    No interface selection means "interface doesn't matter" (will match on any interface).

  • Great, that's what I hoped it meant from looking at the raw rules

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