OSPF with Quagga and CARP - Problem with NextHop

  • Hi guys.

    This is my scenario:

    2 hosts with internet access (1 public IP each). OSPF with Quagga to send and receive routes from the ISP.
    3 lan IPs (1 for each interface and 1 for CARP VIP). This means that I run CARP only on the internal network.
    When CARP Master Fails, the configuration starts the QUAGGA service on the backup and neighbours are formed. This is working fine.

    I have the following issue:

    All my internal routes are PFSense Kernel Routes that are being redistributed into OSPF with metric 1.
    When máster fails, backup takes place, forms neighbour relationship and takes place of the redistribution.
    When this happen, the problem begins. Traffic goes out from the backup, but keeps returning from the ISP to the Master. They told me that the OSPF Nexthop to the redistributed routes are still the IP address of the Master.
    I've checked quagga and backup are receiving routes from the ISP, which means that the neighbours are formed.

    Does anyone have an idea about this? Should I offer a better metric from the backup? But if I do that, I believe that the failback will not work.

    When QUAGGA is off on the master, shouldn't the neighbours know that the old nexthop don´t exist anymore?

    Thanks a lot.

    Done! The problem wasn´t on quagga, but on the OSPF damon of a brocade switch core.


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