Static nat behind a IPsec tunnel

  • Hi all,

    i want make static nat behind an IPsec tunnel.

    LAN A                                          LAN B <=====IPsec======>

    NAT1:1 server1 ( map to
                                                        NAT1:1 server2 ( map to
                                                        NAT1:1 server3 ( map to

    if from LAN A i try to access i want to be able to access server1 @ in LAN B and so on for the other servers

    Is it possible ? if yes How ?

    Best regards, and thanks again for pfsense !!! great work

  • NAT through IPSEC won't work. There even has been a bounty for such a feature but the problem is that the traffic goes into the tunnel before we could even send it throgh NAT the way it is implemented into freebsd. There is no way to do this currently.

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