Floating Rules Not Queuing Traffic

  • I have one blank floating rule that should match all traffic and move it into a queue… For some reason this is not happening. Only little bits of traffic get matched by the rule and put in the queue.

    Here is the rule:

            <max><max-src-nodes><max-src-conn><max-src-states><statetimeout><statetype>keep state</statetype>

    There are basically no other rules on the firewall… I'm at a loss.

    Help much appreciated! :D

  • Floating rules are an area generally used to MATCH traffic.  The LAN, WAN and VPN tabs are where PASS or BLOCK rules are kept.  PASS rules are one way.  If you want your rule to pass traffic from LAN > WAN then put your PASS "allow all" rule in the LAN tab rather than the FLOATING tab.

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