Schedule on IP under a router doing NAT

  • Hello guys. I'm not an expert in networking and I was hoping I would get some help. I'm a developer and I have my office at home with a few machines running a business like environment. I'm sharing my internet connection with all my devices at home. Recently replaced my 54G access point with a netgear R6300 router. The main reason why I did this was the abundance of wireless devices at home was bogging down the access point. I figured the R6300 would solve that problem being a dual band N and AC router. It did solve that wifi bottleneck, but it messed up a schedule I had setup. I had set a few wifi devices on a timer like the xbox, ps3, and a couple of laptops (pretty much my kid's toys) on a timer. I did this by assigning static IP addresses by using the DHCP out of my pfsense box. I created an alias that includes all these IP addresses that I wanted controlled and put them in a timer. This is the way my network is setup:

    ISP -> Pfsense (LAN -> ( Netgear Router (LAN -> Devices I need on schedule/timer

    Being inexperienced on networking as I am, I assumed that including the new static IP addresses for the target devices from the Netgear router in the alias group would keep the schedule working, but it didn’t. A couple of the IP addresses that I want in a timer are and, they used to be and when they were being assigned IP addresses from the pfsense box. If I include IP (the IP for the Netgear Router) the timer works, but it also blocks devices that still need to have connectivity when the schedule kicks in. Is there a way I can do what I want to accomplish? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • By the way, I hope I posted this in the correct section/area

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