Problem with port forwarding

  • I had recently setup pfsense 2.1 and got everything i needed working (multiwan - load balancing, hvap, squid cache etc). But for some reason i absolutely cannot get port forwarding working through pfsense. I had this working just fine with my hardware router before.

    I have 1 LAN and 2 WAN interfaces. Both WAN's (ADSL connections 4MBPS from different isp's) acting as DHCP servers with Static IP's from ISP's. I originally had setup with multiwan and load sharing but since i could not get port forwarding to work i disabled WAN2 and deleted all associated entries from groups and gateways but still could not get port forwarding to work. To rule out the adsl modem/router causing problems, i changed WAN to a bridged mode and now using this WAN in pfsense setup as static ipv4 connection in Interfaces: WAN. Through this i can still access internet fine. But even with this setup port forwarding does not work.

    Below is my Firewall: NAT: Port Forward entry

    WAN TCP * * WAN address 22 (SSH) 22 (SSH) ssh to lan server

    And this is the associated Firewall: Rule (added automatically)

    IPv4  TCP * * 22 (SSH) * none   NAT ssh to lan server

    Everywhere i looked these are the only entries i found to be added. Any pointers as to what the problem could be are much appreciated.

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