Dns forwarder and dns server don't work

  • Hello all,
    Since the upgrade from 2.03 to 2.1, the dns forwarder don't work and the dns servers work only for static ip which use pass-through mac.
    I used freeradius with pfsense.
    Someone have an idea to fix it?
    Any help is appreciated

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    If you could better phrase your question so that we understood what your issue was - then yes I am quite sure we could help you address your problem.

    What dns servers are working?  Where do you point the dns forwarder in pfsense?  Is the dnsmasq service running, do you have any firewall rules that block a clients access to the IP/interface that dnsmasq is listening on?

  • Is DHCP and FORWARD services running?  I use Unbound package so not sure if Forwarder creates a service.  You'll also want to review where you place your DNS addresses, it's in a few pages, then look over the System, Advance settings to review how PfSense treats DNS addresses depending on setup.  Basically you can tell PfSense to use your forwarder's DNS addresses or if the advanced settings are to look at the default DNS addresses then they will be used, best I can remember off the top.  You also have a place to set DNS for your dynamic leases in the DHCP server.  If it DHCP server doesn't have the PfSense LAN IP as the Gateway and DNS addy's being put in the Lan leases then the non-reserved client PC's will not request DNS from the forwarder.

  • ty for your answers, yes dhcp and foreward are running, sorry but i don't know how i can know if a firewall rules block a clients access tu the IP/interface that dnsmasq is listening on. I have a rule which the aim is block all but there are rules with higher priority. Before the upgrade there is not conflict between the rules of firewall and dnsmasq.
    Computers which are connected on the LAN detect the dns of dnsmasq but there is no link between the ip and the domaine name.

    Also we have a backup of the computer witth pfsense and they are normally synchronised but during the upgrade the backup was down, the problem can originate from this?
    The dns forwarder and dnsmasq is running

    The main problem is that internet is actually working, but urls don't. We can still use Skype, online games etc, but not the web browsers (except with direct webpage's ip).

  • post your general setup page

    System > General setup  (please)

    Otherwise just going round and round.

  • Thanks for your answer, but i downgrade pfsense and reconfigure manually all the dns forwarder and now all it's running

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    Dude – why not actually provide information to fix your issue...  Its posts like this that people think there is something wrong with 2.1 -- when from the complete and utter lack of anything to actually work with it really points to layer 8 issue.

    " i don't know how i can know if a firewall rules block a clients access tu the IP/interface that dnsmasq is listening on"

    Then POST them and we will help you understand.

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