YouTube for Schools

  • Hi,
    I have been running pfsense for about a month and a half now and it works great. More recently, I upgraded to the latest version without a hitch. The box sits on the edge of the network with the following configuration: 1 Lan, 3 WAN, Core2Duo, 4gig RAM and 160gig HD.

    Now, my issue(s) is that I need to enable YouTube for schools. I have been browsing through the forums and so far have found that you either need squid or squid+squidguard to run it. However, I have not found any definitive guide in terms of putting in the url rewrite procedure.

    On top of this, I noticed that when running squid (2.7 and 3), the multi-wan environment seems to not work. Even after trying the well written guides on the forum. As an example, without squid, I can get speedtest results that reflect wan1 + wan2 + wan3. With squid enabled, I just get a speedtest result of wan1 (the default gateway). And if wan1 is switched off, internet access dies with it.

    Any definitive advice on this is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Please post screenshots of your floating rules and gateway groups.

    I am also trying to get youtube for schools working. I think I am getting close with the help of others.

    My multi wan with squid is working on 2.0.3. Testing 2.1 on a different box.

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