Host Overrides bypassed by https:???

  • I figured the most efficient way to keep people from reaching a particular domain was to use the Host Overrides and/or advanced "address=" directives.  If I use https to access the domain, it goes through as if there were no override.  What am I missing?

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    dns has nothing to do with protocol being used.. Simple answer to question if your requesting A record for a fully qualified domain name, say host.domain.tld then it will return the IP that is in its listing.

    if you ask for cname it will return the fqdn it has for that fqdn you asked for, or if MX again it will return the fqdn of the MX record.

    Does not care what your client does with it be it http, ftp, ssh, etc..  So if your saying https is working - then you don't have the host over ride you think you do, or they are not even asking pfsense for the dns, etc.  And something else is resolving it.

    Are the clients using a proxy?

  • This independence of protocol was why I was baffled.

    As it turned out, I had to dump the DNS cache a few times on the client machine and it finally began to be forwarded.

    It still doesn't explain why I was getting the right IP number using the other protocols.  Maybe there is something about how IE and FF cache things…

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    Yes your browsers cache – did you restart the browsers?

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