HOW can I limit my amount of traffic (upload/download)?

  • Dears,

    My ISP have limited me to 128 Kbps this month due to the over usage, I have reached total download == 400 GB.
    My Internet speed is 8 MB, and I want to overcome this problem, and prevent it to happen again!

    I'm using PfSense as my gateway, so could you provide my with the available options?

    Appreciate your detailed answers :)

  • You could use Firewall->Traffic Shaper, Limiter and put all your traffic into a limiter. That will slow you down all the time! But it is nice to be able to download at your full speed (8Mbps) so that a file download finishes quickly and you can use it. You just can't do that 24 hours a day on most home plans.
    There is nothing in pfSense to count the amount you have downloaded and give you a warning when you reach near your quota.
    Note: even if you limit to 1Mbps, that is about 7.5MB/min = 450MB/hour = 10.8GB/day = 324GB/month. If you have something on your network constantly downloading (and/or uploading = bittorrent…) then you will still chew up plenty of quota.

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