How to setup a client to connect to remote server

  • hi,

    i have a pfsense box with basic setup, one of my clients wants to connect to his corporate lan using contivity vpn client software from nortel networks, it has the follwing:

    connection: 4 choices 1) VPN to Cincinnati, 1) VPN to China, 3) VPN to Toronto, 4) VPN to Singapore
    description: connect to P&G intranet from public internet through Cincinnati
    dial-up: none
    user nae: xxxx
    pin:xxxx token: xxxx

    every time my client try to connect, get a (failure to connect message), but he can connect from any internet caffe

    when reading the help file, i found the followings:

    any help to solve this problem is highly appreciated


  • Tell them to call their help desk.  They can ask any one of their coworkers for the phone number if they do not have it.  The helpdesk will troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed.

  • but my clients is able to connect from any internet cafe or a dialup

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